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8 Ultimate Vastu Tips For Boosting Positive Energy At Home!

The word “vastu” means dwelling or house with a corresponding land. It is an ancient practice which holds a significant place in people’s minds. Vastu is such an important part of our lives that it dates back to the vedic period.

People, today, give such importance to vastu for households because it is believed that it boosts positive energy. After a long day, we wish to sit back and relax at home and have a peaceful environment.

Vastu for households is very essential for today’s everyday life as we are becoming increasingly busy with our day to day life and we are forgetting the things which are around us. Vastu is crucial to us because it emits cosmic energy in the house. This cosmic energy boosts our energy and our surrounding environment where we live and work.

Whether we are at work or having a relaxing and quiet day at our home, Vastu always has a key role in our lives to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Below are some key tips which will help you understand and improve the vastu for your house:-

  1. Entrance:

The entrance of a dwelling or household should be always in the north or northeast direction. As per vastu norms, whenever you step out from your house or place you should face the north direction.

A door which is facing in the north or north east direction means ‘progress and victory in life’. This will significantly become a key factor while setting up your new house or workplace which is in accordance to Vastu.

  1. Vastu for bedroom:

According to vastu shastra, our bedroom should be facing in the southwest direction, as it is said that it brings prosperity, good health, wellness and it also helps in improving relationships with our loved ones.

The bed should be placed in the direction of southwest corner. Try to avoid paintings like waterfalls as much as you can since it can cause emotional disturbances among couples and lead to quarrels often at times.

  1. Vastu for mirror:

Mirror in the bedroom should not be placed in front of bed. Your reflection should not be seen in the mirror as it can cause fights and disturbance which can disrupt the peaceful environment in your house.

  1. Vastu for your temple:

You should not place the temple in your bedroom. This should be always kept in mind while deciding the layout of your home.

  1. Fountain for boosting energy:

Fountains bring positive energy and help to achieve a peaceful environment at your home.

But, it is quite important and crucial to place fountains in the right direction. Fountains should be placed in the northwest direction as it is said that it brings money and prosperity.

  1. Salt to keep away negativity:

Salt helps to negate the negative energy in the house or workplace. You can do this by just placing a bowl of salt in the Northeast or southwest direction.

By doing this, it helps to get rid of negative energy. Salt is believed to absorb negative energy inside the house. Salt is considered to be a symbol of purification, hence this key ingredient has been always a part of Vastu.

  1. Avoid clutter:

You should always strive to avoid clutter in the house.

The best way you can achieve this by keeping only the things that you need. Dispose off the things that you don’t want or need which are not being used or useful anymore for you. Cluttering the house with a lot of junk emits negative energy which can affect your financial condition of the household.

So, de-clutter your house today and keep it simple!

  1. Let Nature do the magic:

Nature is God’s Gift to Mankind. We always have taken Nature and its Beauty for Granted. We need to Care about Nature so that it cares for us in return.

You can start by having a small garden in your house. This can do wonders for you, Yes! Wonders!

Place a tulsi plant in your balcony, because, it is said that negative energy enters the house from balcony and Powerful Plants like tulsi absorb the negative energy and convert it into positive energy thus bringing peace, happiness and harmony to your house.

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